Thursday, 19 July 2007

Record a Pirate

No longer getting enough adrenalin from stealing music off the internet? Now thanks to you can try your hand at pirating records:

1. Make a box with wooden sides and cement on a glass base making sure it is airtight.
2. Place the record in the box with the side to be recorded facing up. Mark the centre hole with some window cement.
3. Mix Silicone ("smooth on" oomoo 25 or oomoo 30) for at least 3 minutes and pour into the box by starting at one corner. Fill the box to about half a centimetre and make sure that it is even. Sit and dry for 6 hours.
4. Peel off the silicone once dry and cut off any excess around the edges.
5. Turn the silicone over and pour liquid plastic ("smooth on" task #4), ensuring that nothing spills over the circle made from the record, and also brushing or blowing out any air bubbles.
6. Once dry carefully loosen the new record from the mould and use a drill to make the centre hole marked with the window cement.
The mould is reusable so if you want to give some copies to your friends just repeat the process!

1 comment:

jitwam Sinha said...

that is unbelievably awesome!

we should def try that out