Friday, 17 August 2007

Smurfs Up...where are they now?

Who could ever forget the smurfs?

First coined at the dinner table by a friend asking creator Peyo if he could "passe-moi le schtroumpf", in english "pass me the smurf". He was actually asking for salt but he and many million others got a lot more than that!

Born in 1958 the smurfs were originally secondary characters in a story about Johan & Peewit published in "Le Journal de Spirou", but just as with The Simpsons first appearing in the Tracey Ullman Show, the smurfs became stars in their own right.

In case you had a deprived childhood:
  • The Smurfs live in mushroom houses somewhere in the forests of medieval Europe
  • They are 3 apples tall and love to eat smurfberries
  • They live in harmony with mother nature and every smurf has their own individual task to help the community. Here is a list of smurf characters and the role they played in the community
  • Papa Smurf, 542 years old, is their leader and looks after the communities welfare

The best thing about the smurfs was their own unique language, just as many people in our world use swear words in every sentence the Smurfs used the word "smurf" extensively. How funny it would be if humans said the word "human" in place of swear words, "human off", "human you" or "human yeah"!

The smurf language has become pop culture and has not seen it's day. Family Guy featured an episode of the Smurfs on The Griffins TV -

Smurf 1: Hey did you have a good time last night?

Smurf 2: Smurf-tacular!

Smurf 1: Yeah, I saw you leave with Smurfette

Smurf 2: Oh man, as soon as we got out of the bar she started smurfing me

Smurf 1: Shut the Smurf up. Right in the smurfing car-park?

Smurf 2: Smurf yeah

Smurf 1: Oh that is freaking Smurf!

So apart from the smurf language, where are The Smurfs now?

The 256 episodes of the smurfs are still being watched in over 30 million countries, over 10 million copies of the Smurfs CD's have been sold in the last 3 years "and with the new style and the increasing range of Smurfimedia coming out, the little blue men are sure to have plenty of surprises for fans in the years to come". The biggest surprise...a 3 part Smurfology coming to cinemas near you in 2008! Paramount and Nickelodean will be putting on the show with a script from Herb Ratner and producer Jordan Kerner. The 2008 release will commemorate 50 years of smurfing around!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

I love lamb

This one is for all of my vegetarian and vegan readers out there:

Fold my shirts and eat my shorts

In Australia we have kangaroos as shopping trolleys, in Japan they have Kung-Fu laundry maids!

Try it out, I'm actually thinking of either becoming a laundry worker or moving to Japan it is that good!

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Bob Dylan Remixed and Retrospectived

There is a first for everything and Mark Ronson's 'Re-Version' of Bob Dylan is not only a first for Dylan remixes but in my mind it's also a first for decent remixes of music from the 60's.

After years of rejecting all offers to remix his catalogue, Dylan, 66, has decided that a dancefloor makeover is the best way to introduce his upcoming 51 track retrospective coined "DYLAN" to a younger generation. You will be able to get your hands on a copy (legally) in October.

The 're-version of Dylan's not so famous "Most Likely You Go Your Way" had it's debut on BBC earlier this month and Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe played the track twice within an hour. The track is that good that even DJ St. Andrew played a sample of the track more than twice!

Monday, 13 August 2007

Post Less

Just a short apology for the lack of posts of late, I assure you I have been very busy. Hold on for interviews with James Bucknell, Deepchild, Gabriel Watts and Louie Austen!

Friday, 3 August 2007

How to Stop a War

This just in, artists all around the world have finally worked out how to stop wars:

The people are rejoicing, John and Yoko have risen from the dead (like jesus himself) to proclaim that:

Alas, all the troubles of the world are not over yet, politicians are now trying to find a solution to get rid of all of this graffiti and decide who is going to kill John again!