Sunday, 15 July 2007

Cafe Review: Nest

Nest - Potts Point
It’s Tuesday 12:30pm and I have arrived in Potts Point for a meeting. After wandering down the leafy Victoria St looking for a bite to eat I land at the quaint Nest, a small café sprawling onto the street.

A friendly and genuine waiter helps me choose a small dish. Pears poached in ginger and cinnamon with mascarpone on sour cherry toast, accompanied by a pot of fresh earl grey tea. A drizzling of maple syrup and a dusting of icing sugar complete the pear dish sensationally.

Seated around me there aren’t many, however they are an eclectic mix; the young trendy male with horse fur loafers scribbling in a recycled paper diary, the real estate agent in a ‘this means business’ suit, and the heritage listed ladies of Potts Point enjoying a cup of tea, darling.

The sour cherry toast is well balanced with the mascarpone, and the pears and syrup kick in a naturally sweet taste with plenty of bite. Finishing up I am asked if I would care for more, however taken by the quaint but comforting decor I rather enter into a conversation about the creative music endeavors of my waiter and discuss the community feeling behind the feature wall spotted with children's drawings and local talent.

Pears poached in ginger and cinnamon with mascarpone on sour cherry toast $10

Victoria St Potts Point
Phone: (02) 8356 9505

Chef: Prue Myers

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