Sunday, 23 September 2007

watch this space.

What is wookah?
A newly spawned search engine that makes search easy for you and me.

How does wookah work?
Simple. Wookah is a vertical search engine which lets you search keywords over a variety of sites all at once and all in the one window.

Try this out...go to, select 'Jobs' from the categories at the top of the window, now pretend that you are a zoo keeper and you live in for 'zoo keeper' sydney and then wookah does the rest - it uses your search keywords to search all of the sites in the 'Jobs' category, and now all you have to do is jump from 1 site to another and it's all there, and then once you've found your dream zoo keeper job you can don your khaki's and safari!

What else makes wookah one of the best things since sliced bread?
Well well well, is owned by the cleverly named and cleverly ran Internet Property Development Group who have reported 70% growth for the past 3 years! CEO Ari Klinger has been an Australian online entrepeneur to watch and will continue to be, I shake the hand of any Australian that is young, innovative and collaborative and who is pushing the online industry for Australia and creating opportunities for comparatively intelligent people that don't live in Silicon Valley!

So what can we all do for
Try it.
See it's potential.
Become addicted.
Spread the Wookah word.

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