Tuesday, 4 September 2007

A Convenient Lie

I just got back to the big smoke from hugging some trees up in the north coast and thought I might impose on your daily routine with some easy and obvious ways to reduce carbon emissions:

- Turn off appliances at the wall socket. Turns out this makes a huge saving, especially with ridiculously large plasma screens.
- Plant a tree for carbon sequesting.
- Use public transport. Everybody loves Cityrail.
- Use blackle instead of google. Blackle is not only more race friendly, being the black version of google, it claims to potentially save 750 megawatt-hours per year just by displaying search results on a black background.
- Convert your car to gas.

Simple, and now next time you get into a heated debate with Al Gore you can tell him you are making a difference.

And what if it's all just scientific codswallop? Well, if Prince Charles is making a point of reducing his carbon footprint then who can refuse? Not Camilla, not me and not YOU!

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