Saturday, 9 June 2007

Buraka Som Sistema Live @ Fabric

Buraka Som Sistema, or BSS, are a production trio who have gained significant respect recently with their releases on labels Enchufada and Australia’s wildly successful Modular recordings, as well as track appearances on Simian Mobile Disco’s Suck My Deck out now on Bugged Out. Whether it’s by train, bus or plane I couldn’t really say, but one thing is for sure, BSS seem to be going places.

Coming from the streets of Portugal, their sound is an unusual fusion of jackin house and kuduro, which originates in Angola, Africa. Personally BSS are a rain of sunshine and a much welcome alternative to the somewhat stale sounds that seem to be coming out under the breaks and drum & bass umbrellas.

Not just with the music, there seems to be incredible energy behind their live shows, and this video has left me waiting for their Australian tour (which at this point does not even exist). The video also reminds us all that there is so much cutting edge creativity going on at this very moment, and somewhere in the world someone is…
banging away at a drumkit,
shaking their booty in a dark club,
mixing some records in their bedroom,
and getting down and dirty and having a baby that will become a future creative pioneer!

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