Sunday, 27 May 2007

Marc Newson's Qantas Lounge Takes Off

High Flyers be aware: last week Qantas opened their super-luxe first class Qantas lounges at both Sydney & Melbourne international airports.

Amidst an $11 billion takeover bid for Qantas, with $20 million Australian dollars in hand and carte blanc, Marc Newson has designed the ultimate ‘flying star feng shui’ lounge, and you only have to look at the impressive list of features, materials, designers and collaborators to see where all of that money went:
• American oak dividers
• Leather flooring for 80sqm library which holds an array of the latest magazines, newspapers, best-selling books and board game classics.
• Plasmas, Playstation 3’s, PC workstations & wireless (so you can keep up to date with the Callitech Blog!)
Poltrona Frau leather lounge chairs, recliners & sofas designed specifically for the lounge
Cappelini dining chairs and tables, also designed specifically for the lounge
• Open kitchen restaurant with menu’s from Australian chef Neil Perry
Carrara Marble lined showers with individual volume and lighting controls
• Switzerland Quartzite adorns the day spa
• Complementary Payot Paris day spa
• ‘Vertical garden’ with over 8,400 plants designed by Patrick Blanc
• The lounge is managed by French hotel group Sofitel and the service will offer chair side waitering, full concierge service and day spa services.

As is standard with Newson’s designs he has thought about every detail of design and functionality, with “music specially created to complement the atmosphere and function of each area of the lounge”. Newson also sets out to “bring the romance back to travel” which is evident in his use of old fashioned clapper boards to display arrival & departure information.

This kind of luxury coupled with the trend of Australian based companies not owning a company jets makes me wonder if Macquarie executives are flying Qantas!


Anonymous said...

Newson has done it again! Do you know anything about the Qantas airbus that he is supposedly designing?

Callitech said...

The Qantas Airbus A380 is due out in August 2008, unfortunately they haven't released any pictures yet and it is all very much 'under wraps'. Newson did say that the Airbus won't have a bowling alley...which is a shame!

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